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How to improve my writing?

Actualizado: 13 ene 2020

Dtes Cenni examinations

Writing is one of the most complex skills to master and that is why most of the second-language learners do not feel confident when facing these tasks, which involve a hard organization of ideas as well as produce them accurately and with coherence. However, writing is not complicated once you know what to do before starting to write and what to include in your texts.

Here are some tips to create an essay:

1. A text must be organized into paragraphs; otherwise, it would not be easy to read. Four paragraphs are advisable:
1.1 Introduction: In this paragraph, you have to introduce the main topic. Remember, the introduction must catch the reader’s attention. Do not give a lot of information because you may run out of ideas, besides you may need them in the body.
1.2 Body: In these paragraph (normally two) you develop the main topic with your position: in favor or against the topic. Remember, you have to use discourse markers of contrast (but is not allowed). Join your ideas without and.
1.3 Conclusion: In this last paragraph, you provide a summary of the topic. You give your final opinion of the whole discussion.
2. A good text must include a wide range of grammatical figures: compound tenses, conditionals and relative clauses, which show the second-language learner’s knowledge and management of grammar.
3. It is important to use the accurate vocabulary according to the nature of the text.
4. A text must include discourse markers: the more advanced, the better will be.
It is advisable to read your essay once you finished writing so that you can find misspellings and be penalized.

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