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Autumn Traditions

Actualizado: 14 ene 2020

Ah, the beauty of autumn, leaves changing color, halloween around the corner, and pumpkin carving or trick or treating. However, there are so many more important traditions surrounding the harvest time in the USA.

A significant staple is the apple. From Johnny Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed who traveled all the Midwest with a tin can on his head and a bag of apple seeds, to famous English scientist Sir Isaac Newton who, as legend has it, came up with his theory of gravity by an apple falling on his head, there is no doubt apples are an important asset, “as American as an apple pie.” they say.

Starting in September, whole families travel to nearby farms where they pick their own apples at orchards. Farmers charge by weight, so if you know how to select them you can return home with the best. Imagine spending a whole day at a farm with your family picking out the juiciest apples for your pie or even apple cider!

During autumn festivities, children also do various contests such as “Bobbing for apples”: all you have to do is stick your head into a water basin and pick the slippery fruit with your mouth. Yes, it might be dangerous but it is also loads of fun.

Enjoy a good maze? Try it with corn. What isn`t there to love about getting lost in 4 to 25 acres of this cereal surrounding you? This tradition began in Pennsylvania, and the corn has to be ready for late September and early October. If you thought you had it difficult with a normal maze, aware of where your exit is at, try to get yourself out of that one. There are corn maze races at night, if you are into that, you can always watch other people get lost while you enjoy some delicious cornbread made with nothing but corn, milk, butter and perhaps some honey. Yum, Yum!